OOTD and quick update

Hey, so I thought I would do a quick update on why I haven’t been posting lately. I haven’t been able to take photos because my camera broke. I need to take it to the shop to see if it’s possible to fix it, but it might cost too much, and I won’t be able to replace it either, I just have no money for that right now. It makes me really sad, I have loved doing this blog since I started and I really wish money wasn’t a problem so I could just buy a new camera and start again. I do have my cellphone that takes terrible photos, but I don’t think it’s the kind of content I want to put out

(I get annoyed at bad quality photos, that’s the old photography student in me) but I might still post some ootd once in a while anyway to keep this blog alive until I find a way to get a new camera.



Birthday Weekend!

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This saturday was my 20th birthday and it was a lot of fun! I did something on friday because I wanted to celebrate with a friend who couldn’t make it on saturday. I’m not a fan of parties or going out so we decided to stay in, hang out and eat a lot of delicious food (I like food a lot, like way too much haha). I wanted to be comfortable, but still dress up a little so I choose one of my favorite t-shirt – the softest thing in the world-  a zip hoodie to keep me warm (it’s still so cold here, where is spring?) and a cute skirt to dress it up.  I’m not gonna lie, I ended the night in sweat pants, I got tired of the tight skirt real fast!

Hoodie American Apparel – thrifted

T-shirt Diesel – thrifted

Skirt French Connection – thrifted

Boots Hush Puppies – thrifted

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On saturday, my sister surprised me by taking me to an awesome vegan restaurant, I have the best sister! She also let me borrow my outfit from her closet, because she knows I always want to steal all her clothes!

Jacket No label – thrifted

Dress Costa Blanca – thrifted

Shoes Cougar – thrifted

Bag Zeca – thrifted

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The restaurant my sister took me to, was Chu Chai in Montreal, and it was amazing. I’d never been to a completely vegan restaurant before and it was so refreshing not to have to worry about ordering something with animal products by mistake. The food was absolutely amazing and would please non-vegan as well as vegans! We went for the imperial rolls, the crispy duck with soy sauce and spinach and the beef with yellow curry. I also had to order a pink raspberry cocktail since it has become a tradition for my birthday!


4088, rue St-DenisMontréal

(Québec)H2W 2M5 


Black and leopard print


I love all black looks, but today I wanted a little color so I choose this nice leopard print shirt to make my outfit pop a bit more.

Coat Louie Louie – thrifted

Blazer H&M

Shirt Audrey 3+1 – thrifted

Pants Cello Jeans- thrifted

Shoes Franco Sarto – thrifted

collage_MG_0183 collage2 collage3 collage4


I knew I was going to walk a lot today, so I wanted a comfy outfit that would be light enough for the midday sun but warm enough for the windy afternoon. A t-shirt, jeans, converse and a light jacket are perfect for the weather we’ve been having and I never go anywhere without a good scarf. I’m so glad I found those sunglasses, I hadn’t seen them since last summer and was afraid I had lost them, they’re my favorite and go with every outfit!

I’ve also been loving my electronic cigarette, I was never a really big smoker, but I wanted to stop before it got out of end. I didn’t have much trouble during winter, but spring seems to make it a lot harder, I keep wanting to reach for a cigarette when I go on a nice walk, so the e-cig has been a huge help lately. I definitely recommend giving it a try if you need help quitting smoking.

Jacket (it was a gift, I don’t know where it’s from)

T-shirt No label – thrifted

Pants Zara – thrifted

Shoes Converse

Scarf No label – thrifted

Sunglasses Guess – thrifted

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Think Pink

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It’s really starting to feel like spring and even if it’s not that hot yet, I couldn’t wait to get my summer clothes out. This top is so flowy, it’s perfect for those sunny day and the denim jacket comes on handy when the wind is rising.

Jacket Mavi – thrifted

Top Costa Blanca – thrifted

Pants Bullhead – thrifted

Bag Hush Puppies – Thrifted

Shoes Converse

Sunglasses H&M – thrifted

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Grey and Black

PicMonkey Collage

I love this jacket, it has such an interesting shape and it’s super soft, but I never know how to wear it. I think I talked about this before, I have a really hard time to wear pieces that accentuate my shoulders, but I’m pretty happy with how it looked with today’s outfit.

Jacket Snob – thrifted

T-shirt Forever 21 – thrifted

Pants Limité – thrifted

Shoes Chelsea crew – thifted

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